Denny Treasure Trail – stainless steel and oak sculptures

26 January 2018

The series of town centre Treasure Trail works are now being installed. Made in collaboration with Specialised Castings (cast iron) and Blueton (oak and stainless steel), all have taken shape in Denny itself. Here are images of my 1:3 scale models and ‘Discovery Oak’, ‘Bridge’ and ‘Acorn Lamp’ undergoing meticulous engineering and craftsmanship at Blueton. ‘Discovery Oak’ refers to the stern post of Scott’s ship Discovery, which came from an oak tree in Herbertshire Park, Dunipace. ‘Acorn Lamp’ refers to the mining industry of Denny and continues the theme of nature and in particular oak, running through Denny and the River Carron. The river is also referenced in ‘Bridge’, symbolising Denny Bridge and its predecessors such as Stripeside Bridge, that span and reflect in the river. The mirror reflection also represents the twin existence and identities of Denny and Dunipace.

Denny Treasure Trail scale models

'Discovery Oak' in progress at Blueton, Denny

'Bridge' in progress at Blueton, Denny

'Acorn Lamp' in progress at Blueton, Denny