Denny Treasure Trail – sculptures cast

26 January 2018

Now installing at Denny town centre, here are the cast iron sculptures produced at the extraordinary and ever-capable Specialised Castings in Denny. ‘The Denny Battleship’ is one of the smallest elements for the ‘Treasure Trail’ to be installed in Denny Town Centre. It will rest on a solid treated oak base outside the new library. Informed by the cast iron foundries of the town, both past and present, the sculpture references these factories and the nautical engine parts made there. In the form of the ship it is also inspired by the production of boards for the game Monopoly in Denny’s paper mills. And here are ‘Brick’ and ‘Broch’ out of their moulds ready for dressing, also destined for the town centre. In addition they reference the nearby Tappoch Broch and the beehive shape sometimes used for brick kilns – another old industry of Denny.

Pattern and cast iron sculpture 'The Denny Battleship'

Cast iron sculpture 'The Denny Battleship'

'Broch' from 'Brick and Broch', at Specialised Castings, Denny

'Brick' from 'Brick and Broch' at Specialised Castings, Denny