Lectures and Courses

Joe teaches workshops at Glasgow Sculpture Studios. These introduce participants to working in steel, as a foundation to forming both a practical knowledge for sculpture making, and/or developing a sculptural language in constructed metal for its own sake. This might entail linear and rhythmic forms in space, or consist of volumetric and contained forms.

“A marriage of materials and space… to mingle and make them inseparable from one another, as are the body and spirit” — Julio Gonzalez, sculptor (1876-1942).

Joe’s own creative process involves bringing together images and ideas that are gradually narrowed down and refined through an intensive period of drawing to create resolved sculptural forms. A progression of life-size mock-ups, profiling (cutting out of metal shapes), shaping (including rolling and forging) and construction then follow. Joe works with a range of metals, most commonly steel, stainless steel and copper. Courses introduce processes and techniques; this can either be developed with a specific goal in mind or as a general introduction to making sculpture in metal. For courses based at Glasgow Sculpture Studios e-mail for more information.

Joe is also available for talks and lecturing, as well as workshops outside Glasgow Sculpture Studios; please contact him to discuss your requirements.