Treasure Trail, Denny, Falkirk, Scotland

Public Sculpture

Joe is able to make a sympathetic sculptural statement for any environment. Whilst often being specific to their site, his sculptures have a universal simplicity in their abstraction, creating a strong sense of reassurance and recognition. He has worked with arts co-ordinators, education officers, planners, engineers and architects and is experienced in making appropriately scaled sculpture, whether large or small, and all the activities involved with this, from design inception through to safe installation.

‘Waterland’ comprises a series of five sculptures inspired by the microscopic desmids and diatoms that inhabit freshwater rivers, and in particular the adjacent River Leen in Bulwell, Nottingham. ‘Slipstream’ in Glasgow is made in galvanised steel and copper, and takes inspiration from nautical, navigational and natural sources. The sculpture reflects the shape and course of the River Clyde at that point and echoes the former rope-making industry of the area in a modern, dynamic form. ‘Plant Series’ near Aviemore, is based on abstract botanical forms that reflect the surrounding environment. ‘Time Vessel’ is a copper work sited in Alloa, that takes the form of a time capsule. Reminiscent of a ripening seed pod, site-specific objects such as a bottle, yeast cells and a ship are sealed within it, symbolic seeds of Alloa’s identity.