Denny Treasure Trail – completion

27 August 2018

The Denny Treasure Trail is now complete. It is one of 5 permanent public art commissions for the 2018 regeneration of Denny town centre. Commissioned by Falkirk Council as part of a 7.6 million pound regeneration programme, and all made in the town, the history of Denny’s people, industry and natural environment is told through a series of small sculptures made in stainless steel, treated oak, cast iron and Cor-ten steel. Chestnut seeds, foundries and mining amongst other stories are subtly blended to create a journey across the new town square and out beyond to the edges of the town.

Bridge in the new Denny Town Square. Photo: Ian Marshall

Acorn Lamp. Photo: Ian Marshall

The Denny Battleship, Denny Town Square. Photo: Ian Marshall